How to select bar furniture for your hospitality venue

Ambience and comfort, along with good food and good customer service, are the foundation on which a successful bar or restaurant is built. These essential qualities help your customers enjoy their experience and feel good about their visit to your establishment. While good food and good customer service are a function of your employees, ambience and comfort are a function of your bar furniture and design.

Whether you’re examining your existing establishment for ways to improve, or creating your new bar from scratch, these 4 essential bar furniture design tips will help you address the factors that influence your customers the most.

1. Design Bar Furniture With Your Brand Personality In Mind

Your brand personality is the way your bar is perceived by your target audience. Moreover, your brand personality informs many of the other design decisions you’ll be faced with as a bar owner. There are many ways you can incorporate your brand into your furniture selections. It’s important to create a unique atmosphere for your guests, from chairs, bar stools, lounges, and tables, your furniture plays a main role in setting the tone of your bar.

One of the most significant plus points for bars and restaurants is that custom furniture can fit into their unique style – from classic to industrial and fine dining to an American-style diner. If you want to make sure the interior design of your bar or restaurant fits in with your brand, customizing bar furniture can help you achieve that goal.

It can be challenging to source different furniture pieces that complement each other. You can get around this problem by building multiple pieces. In essence, creating your own furniture from scratch is your golden opportunity to share your unique style. Remember, plans and designs for custom bar furniture can all be completed and approved before you implement them in your restaurant.

2. Balance between ambiance & seating capacity: Space saving bar furniture

When choosing your custom bar furniture, it’s also important to think about how your area is utilised. Think about whether your furniture will need to be moved around regularly. Venues often need to adapt to customer demand and as more customers come through during peak service times, it’s vital that you can accommodate them. 

Having the ability to re-arrange furniture will enable you to serve more customers and make a larger profit with ease. Lightweight furniture can easily be moved around to change the layout of your area. These furniture pieces are fantastic for scenarios such as transforming a sit-down area into a function space for cocktail events. 

If you have a small venue, you may want to look into space conscious choices for your bar or restaurant. If you are working with ample space, you’ll likely have a lot of flexibility with where and how your furniture can be arranged. If you are working with a large space, you can still use these space-conscious furniture options for events or parties. Extra dining chairs, stools, and tables can always be kept in storage until they’re needed for large event bookings. 

3. Don’t skimp on quality bar furniture materials

Whilst aesthetics are a priority, you also need to consider how resilient your furniture is and the time you need for upkeep. The materials and craftsmanship of your furniture will determine how durable it will be against heavy commercial use.

Materials such as quartz or a heavy commercial laminate could be used in place of a porous stone/marble which will require a lot of additional time to keep clean and protected. If natural stone is your desire then adding a resin coating for that extra protection could save you $$$ down the track. Wiping down your furniture with a damp cloth will easily remove dirt, dust, or food stains. 

4. Bring in Bar Furniture professionals

Don’t take the risk of trying to design and source your custom furniture yourself; hiring a commercial furniture specialist gives you peace of mind and time to work on the running of your bar or restaurant. With over 15 years experience, Stylenations is a female-run business, bringing expertise from interior design, furniture manufacturing, and the hospitality industry to offer a range of unique and custom furniture that can suit all manner of spaces.

Working directly with furniture makers gives you the added layer of assurance that the products will be built to last. One of the primary issues with mass-production furniture is its tendency to be made with lower-grade materials and finishes, which means the end product has a limited life-span. Investing the money and time into this collaborative approach pays back in terms of high-quality and longevity. Even with premium brands, custom furniture compares favourably in cost and quality.

The vast majority of the custom range is entirely customizable, allowing customers to ensure that they can create a unique look and connection, specific to their bar or restaurant space. Many of the different aspects of the furniture on the site can be tailored to the needs of the buyer, including materials, colors, and finishes. The site makes it easy to see which options are available for each of the products on display.

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