How to convert a 70’s ranch using custom furniture

When Australian custom furniture maker, Daniella Menachemson, moved her family from Australia to Dallas she wanted to create a space that would remind her family of living by the beach. The children were very home sick, living in a corporate apartment that was very dark with very little natural light.

The Vision

Daniella says “we searched for the right place to move into and when we found this 70’s ranch style house, I knew we could make it our own. With a vision to bring that Aussie beachside vibe to Dallas, Daniella set out to make her dream home come true.

Being your own client

Daniella is the founder of the custom furniture company, Stylenations and has been producing custom furniture for the hotel and hospitality world for over 15 years. She says “I’ve never ventured into producing for myself, so it was very daunting being my own client, as my expectations of a good outcome were high.

A blank canvas

I started out with a neutral pallet“, she explains “I wanted a light and airy feel. ” All the walls were painted in different Benjamin Moore white’s, so she chose white dove and simply white for all the main areas of the house. 

When in doubt, white wash!

My dream was to have big European Oak hardwood floors“. Rather than laying over the existing floors, Daniella decided to use what was already there. “Our solution was to white wash them all in the same stain, which contributed to the beachside feel.” The mix of parquetry and thinner hardwood boards with the white wash was a quicker and more cost effective solution. It’s helped to create continuity and really brightens everything up.

Tying everything together

Another goal was to use natural fibres and materials wherever possible. “All the light shades were manufactured in natural rattan“. The custom furniture was made using a combination of Teak wood with an antique stain finish. Mixing natural rattans into the custom furniture helped to tie in with the light shades. “I decided to keep things as light as possible, all the way through to the upholstery.”

The result was exactly what we aimed for, we were able to transform the ranch style house into a beach side feel, in Dallas!

Daniella Menachemson

A dream come true

When you walk in to Daniella’s home, you are transported to a home that could be anywhere from Bali to Bondi beach in Australia. “Our family loves our home now, it reminds them of where they came from.

The vast majority of StyleNations’ custom furniture range is entirely customizable. This allows customers to ensure that they can create a unique look and connection, specific to their bar, hotel or restaurant space. Many of the different aspects of the custom furniture on StyleNations site can be tailored to the needs of the buyer, including materials, colors, and finishes.

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