How to create custom furniture you’ll love

If you’re the owner of a hospitality establishment, navigating the world of custom furniture can sometimes feel overwhelming. At the end of the day, the furniture you choose for your restaurant, bar, or outdoor dining area can make or break the experience for patrons, so it is vitally important that you select the right hospitality furniture for your business.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know in our beginner’s guide to the contract custom furniture industry to ensure you create a look that is cohesive and your guests are sure to love!

Create your custom furniture concept

We know that not everyone is an artist and we don’t expect you to be but any idea that you can convey on paper or through images will assist in providing you with the overall end product. We love it when clients share their Pinterest images with us, a simple image or drawing goes a long way. We’ll even create a mood board for you!

Will your custom furniture fit in your space

Check to see that what you are creating will fit in the space and most importantly, check that it will fit through the door! Sounds silly, we know but sometimes the most obvious things can be overlooked, especially when you are busy worrying about the exciting things like what color or material to use on your custom seating.

Is your custom furniture fit for purpose

Indoor furniture, outdoor furniture or will it be both? This is one of the most important decisions to make as it will directly effect your material selection. Choosing the right materials for your environment is crucial to get the most out of your custom furniture. From knowing the right wood species to use outdoors to the right type of coating on your marble table tops will save you a lot of time and money down the road.

Selecting quality materials for your custom furniture

Contract custom furniture, although designed from scratch, still needs to meet all the stringent standards for contract furniture. Critical joints will be glued, screwed and dowelled for strength. The upholstery and fabrics you choose must comply with fire regulations.  Fabrics can be treated in order for them to become fire retardant and meet severe contract standards or you can select from our wide range of graded in indoor and outdoor fabrics.

Collaborate with a custom furniture specialist

The vast majority of our custom furniture range is entirely customizable, allowing customers to ensure that they can create a unique look and connection, specific to their bar, hotel or restaurant space. Many of the different aspects of the furniture on StyleNations site can be tailored to the needs of the buyer, including materials, colors, and finishes. The site makes it easy to see which options are available for each of the products on display.

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