How to pick the right outdoor furniture for your environment

From the salty sea air to the bitter cold, to the soaring heat, selecting outdoor furniture that will survive and maintain its beauty comes down to the choice of materials and the quality. Understanding what the best material for outdoor furniture is for your environment makes it an easy when deciding what pieces you want for your outdoor space.

Before you invest in a new outdoor setting to spend the warm, summery days outside, here are some things you should consider:


  • Measure your balcony space and pick pieces that will give you plenty of space on your balcony
  • These outdoor furniture pieces need to be able to withstand the sun, wind and rain. Teak is a great option as it extremely durable and long lasting
  • When selecting wicker furniture, go for the aluminum/bamboo look like Parisian Bistro furniture
  • Select luxury outdoor fabric. Stick to neutral colors and textures, especially if they’re consistently in the sun to reduce obvious fading.
  • If your outdoor area lacks shade, remember to consider how hot the furniture may get on a summer’s day. While durable, compact laminate or metal for example, maybe a little too hot to sit on, so stick to woven furniture and upholstered.


  • Low-grade metal in coastal conditions can rust and end up corroding, and glued joints may come unstuck. Opt for stainless or powder-coated steel for it’s tough and rust-resistant properties.
  • Cast aluminium is also a hard-wearing metal, however, look out for metal outdoor dining chairs with a powder-coated finish as this will improve the durability.
  • Teakwood provides qualities like no other woods and can withstand the climate and suits the coastal aesthetic. It’s wind resistant, rustproof, and handles water well. Leave it to age and patina naturally, or bring it back to its original beauty. Another advantage of teak is that it doesn’t hold the heat like metal tends to.
  • Woven materials like our Rehau weave and synthetic Batyline mesh are also suited to coastal properties as they’re extremely durable, breathe, and are highly resistant to UV damage and mildew. The furniture can also be easily brushed or hosed down to remove any salt or sand build up.


  • Clever drainage in cushioning and quick dry foams, together with durable fabrics means you no longer need to avoid selecting the more comfortable and luxurious outdoor settings. 
  • Most quality outdoor furniture made of stainless steel or aluminium have been crafted with rust-resistant hardware, increasing its durability and is vital for cold, wet, climates.
  • If rain is forecasted for days on end, leaving your upholstered furniture out for the water to pool onto isn’t going to help its lifespan. If there are no sunny days in between to dry up the water, pack soft furnishings away or at the very least, position them so that the water can run off rather than soak into the fabric and foam. Same goes for your wicker or woven chairs and lounges.

Even if you have a small balcony, deck, or patio, you can still have a beautiful arrangement of patio furniture. Planning how to fit your furniture into a tight space is a matter of choosing the right number of pieces and opting for space-saving designs.

Need some style inspiration? Our outdoor furniture has been designed to not only look great but to withstand the harsh environments all day, every day. Ensuring your outdoor setting is manufactured well using quality materials will see last for many years to come. Visit for your next outdoor design project.

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